Remote Desktop Advantages and Disadvantages

Remote connection allows companies to remotely connect to computers in offices or scattered branches or locations. You can control remote computers as easily as you control the computer you are at. In addition to these, it provides you convenience by using different features such as file transfer and remote command execution. While the remote connection gives you full control to help you from where you sit, this provides a significant advantage not only for you, but also for both parties who receive and support support. You can quickly and easily support remote personnel by sharing the remote connection number and password with you, instead of waiting for a staff member who wants to get support for you to come.

With the advancement of today's technology, the importance of remote connection software is increasing, many companies benefit from the advantages brought by meeting with remote connection solutions while following today's technology. The advantages of remote connection software are not limited to these, remote connection is only one of them, as well as many advanced additional features such as file transfer, command execution, website, usb, program restrictions, help desk management and inventory management. It helps you to remotely control many computers from where you sit by providing the advantage of ease of use.

Remote Desktop Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Remote Connection

In order to make the most of today's technology, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of the products, as a result, it is important to choose the right software and the most suitable software for companies, considering the quality of the work done and the budgets paid for the companies.

Remote connection

When a remote connection is provided, the client computer can have full access to the remote computer, regardless of where it is, and the accesses can be allowed in the form of authorized mode or fully authorized mode, limiting what it can do according to the authorization classification during the session on the remote computer.

Remote Connection Settings

Remote connection is also known as RDP "remote desktop access" with its current name. In order for RDP to access a computer, the connection ip address of the personnel computer can be provided by routing from devices such as modem or firewall, this is not sufficient in today's technology. Therefore, the remote connection solution allows you to directly connect to personnel computers without setting a modem or firewall.

Importance of Location

Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere, regardless of your location. For remote connection, all you need to do is install it on the computer to be connected and make an easy and secure connection by obtaining the user ID and password. Easily connect to your network or network devices without settings, enjoy fast and easy connection without dealing with the problems of connection classes such as RDP.

Remote desktop advantages and disadvantages

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of remote connection:

  • Differences and advantages of remote connection products?
  • Remote connection advantages.
  • What are the security benefits?
  • What are the disadvantages of remote connection?

The most important feature of remote connection software that distinguishes it from other products is that activities such as remote connection and file transfer are recorded on the central server, and it is reported who made a transaction and when from these records. Remote connection tools should have many features, not just connectivity. With an advanced panel interface such as the management panel, it should provide you with a significant advantage, they should create certain groups and assign administrators to these groups, give certain privileges to the groups you create, provide security solutions and important tools for IT administrators.

One of the advantages of the remote connection software is that when you want to establish a remote connection with a secure connection, if the computer to be connected is in the same network with you, it provides a direct connection with the computer to which you will connect, without going outside, thus allowing you to achieve higher speed performance without exiting the external network. Even in this case, all connection processes are stored on the servers, and thus all connections made are recorded by who, when and at what time.

In secure remote connection, after the connection key and password are determined on the personnel computer during the connection processes, it must be verified with an asymmetric encryption method such as RSA. At this stage, asymmetric encryption only authenticates between the personnel computer and the server it connects to, the first step up to here is AES 256, which you will use for the next steps. bit will be used for data transfer so that a third party can never see the content of the link you have made. After this two-stage security phase, you will receive a secure environment.It ensures that you stay on site and that the connections you make are never compromised by others.

At the beginning of the security problems recorded as a disadvantage in remote connections, the fact that the personnel share their password with everyone and do not change their password afterwards creates a serious disadvantage for the security processes. It is necessary to inform the personnel about the password sharing and emphasize the importance of changing it after sharing.

Or, by hiding the password part from the management panel, the personnel can be prevented from seeing the password, and possible security vulnerabilities can be prevented by making the connection with the permission of the management, not with the permission of the personnel. According to the researches, 70% of the security violations on the computer of the personnel are due to the software installed on the computer of the personnel.

In order to avoid such disadvantages, the restriction application of the administrators is one of the safest methods that can be taken, and 30% of the security violations forgotten by the management unit are the usb restriction, by forgetting or bypassing the software restrictions. consists of. The disadvantage in remote connection solutions is that the personnel share their password with others or change it later.