Remote Desktop

You can provide instant support with 3 different setup files of high security remote desktop connection software.
You can deploy MSI FILE via Group Policy (GPO).
All users automatically come to your management list with quick and easy setup.
You can send the MSI file from the group police.
You can define a custom group and set up only for the group you specify.
Exe installation directory without any settings for quick installation installation.
With quick and easy installation, all users will automatically come to your list. Ideal for remote support.
No installation required. The user asks for confirmation. When users come to your list, you can provide a direct link when necessary.
This feature works entirely with client permissions. You can provide instant support by remote desktop connection with 3 different connections.
What can you do with these connection types;
With remote desktop connection, you can provide secure support by connecting to industry standards.
Manage support requests filed by users with the help desk. Identify and manage many devices, including computers, UTM devices, with inventory tracking and inventory management.
Create a working time and enable the features you want during working hours.
Ensure security in advance for situations that may create security gaps such as USB, WEB and APP with the prohibition and security feature.
Report the records made with the advanced report

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