Extensive content was deployed according to the different needs of each company.

Remote Desktop

Make a fast and secure remote desktop. All connections are transmitted over a secure remote desktop connection with the security standard "RSA 2048 and AES 256 bit". Define privilege and role to remote desktop connection. Access logs of all remote desktop connections.

Help Desk

Receive and manage support requests through "IT Service" help desk. Keep track of how much support is given to the staff. Access all support and connection operations as reports. The processes of all remote support requests are stored so you can report them later.


Register all similar products such as PC, phone, printer and utm devices. Record and report "what product was delivered" by staff. Inventory reports take a lot of detailed information from pc hardware information to installed software information.

More Features

It offers broad content such as grouping feature, authorization, role definition and authorization structure. By defining special privileges with group policy, you can create special options for report and recording processes, and you can also define authorized special roles.

Work Time

With the runtime scheduler, you can control which software will run and not run on the PCs at the time intervals you specify. You can schedule the blocking and allowing roles according to the time periods you want.


With security protection feature, USB blocking feature, you can turn off usb on pc or allow a special usb tool. With the blocking feature, you can define special rules in Web and Applications just like you do in usb. You can also define the runtime scheduler for blocking and allowing features.

Remote Installation

Run a file that you specify with the Remote Setup feature, remote script execution. You can have programs installed remotely on PCs connected to a group you specify, you can define downloads with or without permission, and you can run them in a special script at the time intervals you specify.


The advanced report structure stores the connection stages when the PCs assigned for a defined administrator make a remote desktop connection. Then you can get the data containing the connection details as a report.

Inventory Management

Create efficient inventory for your professional inventory management hardware and software. Inventory management and tracking is the best method for increasing internal efficiency.

It facilitates the recording of technology devices such as your PCs, printer, utm network devices and telephone and tracking who owns the device through inventory management.

Inventory management for IT professionals is an indispensable product for enterprise firms, which significantly reduces their workload. Create a new register today and start trying right away.